Professional dental cleaning for: Retainers, Dentrues, Mouthgaurds, Appliances

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Retainer Disinfectant

'Try Me' Kit: 1 Month Supply
(4 liquid/4 powder packets) Mixing Cup, Mouthguard/Retainer Case with Key Ring, & Mesh Drawstring Bag

Retainer Disinfectant

Starter Kit: 3 Month Supply
Comes with 13 liquid and 13 powder packets and a mixing cup.

Refill Kit

Refill Kit: 3 Month Supply
Comes with 13 liquid and 13 powder packets (no mixing cup)

Try Me Kit

1 Month Supply


Starter Kit (with cup)

3 Month Supply


6 Month Supply


1 Year Supply


Refill Kit (no cup)

3 Month Refill


6 Month Refill


1 Year Refill


DentaSOAK disinfectant and cleanser kills more than 99% of bacteria – in just 15 minutes. In fact, it’s clinically proven to destroy stubborn candida albicans and other oral microbes. Retainers, dentures, and mouthguards are a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. And, if not destroyed, this bacteria can lead to painful, recurring oral infection. So order your supply of DentaSOAK cleanser and disinfectant today!

You can also order by mail, phone or fax from Great Lakes Orthodontics.  Your order will arrive in about 10 days.

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